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Memory for Magicians


Memory Skills for Magicians

How’s your Memory?

Most people reply, “Not as good as it used to be!”

As working Magicians it’s really important to keep our Memory Skills ultra sharp.

Think for a moment what it would be like if your skills were 10% – 20% better!


# You would remember the Names
# New powerful routines open up for you – Knights Tour, Stacked Deck, Magazine Memory, Super Memory
# You would always remember ‘what happens next”
# No more Crib Sheets
# You will learn move sequences far quicker
# Recall the perfect quote or joke to slip into the show
# Get better grades and marks in your tests
# Be a whole lot more confident
# and always remember where you left the car

Let’s go into those in a bit more detail.

Names – It’s always a “jolt” when the performer onstage forgets the name of the spectator he asked only a few minutes before. Sure, there are a few stock lines that can make up for the lapse, but generaly it just looks bad.

Especially if the performer is a Mentalist or MindReader! You can feel the audience kind off think “where are your super powers now?” Credibilty is lost.

Routines – With a good grounding and confidence in Memory Skills there are some brilliant routines available for you. The small extra effort that you put in can and will seperate you from the majority of performers who just want to perform effects with little work. And the same basic technques apply to all memory effects!

For many years I performed the classic effect Magazine Memory as my closer routine on luxury cruise ships like QE2, Queen Mary2, Crystal and Silversea. There are very few performers performing this effect, though it has gained in popularity in the last 10 years.

I’m not really a card guy, but if you’ve ever attempted to learn a Stacked Deck you’ll know it can be fairly long process. Knowing and having Confidence in, the basic tricks of Association & Visualistaion will really help.

I can’t remember who said it but I always loved the quote “a magician with a good stacked deck and a passable false shuffle is going to run rings around most sleightt of hand artists.”

Knights Tour is another blockbuster routine. I used this for some years in smaller shows. Great for an After Dinner effect or as a Publicity Piece.

I played around with Super Memory for some time as well. It’s such a great effect, using lots of audience members and relatively simple to perform. My friend Ken Weber author of the “must read”  Maximum Entertainment used it in all his college shows for any years and I was fortunate to watch the great Peter Reveen perform the effect several times.

No More Crib Sheets.

Are you still jotting down the show order, locations of multiple outs, the name of the client and who to thank at the end of the show? Is your table and various props covered in little notes? Put them in your head!

Learning Routines & Scripts

Multi Phase routines will become easier to learn as you master the skills of linking sequences together. And so will learning scripts! If you want to start working at Trade & Industrial Shows, doing Product Launches etc, you will have to get good at locking down exact scripts. With Facts & Figures, Benefits & Features. Your Memory Skill Training is going to help here.

I’ve taught Memory Skills to thousands of people at Corporate and Education live training workshops right around Australian & New Zealand.

A few years ago I put together an Online Video Training on Memory skills.

At the time of writing we have had 454 Students from 60 different countries take the course! And it’s still rating a massive 4.58 out of 5!

Now I know what you’re thinking … “I know about Memory Skills & The different Systems”

But are you using them?

One of the great things about the Video course is that we encourage you to use them, we walk you step by step through the systems AND give you great practice sessions!

It’s like being at a live workshop with me. Only better!

I’ve taught thousands of people these skills and they ALWAYS improve their memory! 10, 20, 30% and more!

For a limited time … you can grab life time access to this Online Course at 50% Off!

This makes it just $10! ( Currenct fluctuations may alter this slightly)

There are only 50 35 Coupons at this price, so take action today. Discount is applied via the link.

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