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Over the last few months I’ve published several new Audio Courses to the brilliant Listenable online platform.These cover some of my favourite topics – Creativity, Memory Work, Networking & MC work. There are several more in the pipeline on Marketing & Sales. They are perfect for Magicians and Entertainers.As an Author on the Platform I [...]

Love it  or hate it, The Magic Cafe appeared on the scene at just the right time. A resurgence of interest in Magic, more powerful Forum software and more widespread usage of computers in the general population came together to give us … the behemoth often called  “the green place.” The place is packed with [...]

Mentalism Secrets! Of all the Mystery Arts, Mentalism is probably the one who guards their Secrets the closest. Though there are hundreds of books full of Mentalism Secrets, many of these are highly sought after Limited Editions. In this article we explore some of the hardest to obtain and get some Inside Secrets from 6 [...]

For many magicians, working at Trade Shows is a holy grail. It’s difficult to get into the scene, it’s hard work when you’re there, but the rewards are great. I’ve worked a bunch of Trade Shows over the years but never really pursued it as a market. My bookshelf has a good selection of books [...]

  How’s your Memory? Most people reply, “Not as good as it used to be!” As working Magicians it’s really important to keep our Memory Skills ultra sharp. Think for a moment what it would be like if your skills were 10% – 20% better!   # You would remember the Names # New powerful [...]

I asked 8 prominent professionals two Questions. 1/ If you were starting out again in your career of Magic, what would you do differently? 2/ What would you do the same? From David Ginn, Children’s magic specialist 1/ Do differently ? PROBABLY NOTHING. I have built my career from kid hobby at age eleven through [...]

I’m going to keep this short.A few weeks ago I was introduced to a brilliant new program for making short “explainer” type videos. These are the animated style that all the big brands use. You easily identify with the character and the problem they face and then see the solution they found.This software is fast, [...]