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TH with Cube web Welcome!  I’ve been a full time performer and presenter since the mid 1970’s and we have been running MagicCoach as a Newsletter and Website since 1999, providing Tips, Tactics & Resources to help performers around the world.

Though there have been many wonderful Magic Marketing books and products before us, it could easily be argued that we were the first regular weekly Magic Marketing Newsletter and Resource Site on the web.

First we suggest you check out the Free Downloads page! Everyone likes something for nothing! Each Month we give away a one of our eBooks, Reports or Trainings! The titles change every now and then so be sure to Bookmark the page and revisit us.    Free Downloads Page

Then, you should visit the Articles page. This is our ever-growing BLOG, with both new and archived Hints & Tips.

Next, if you prefer visual learning, head over to the VIDEOS page.  A collection of FREE Training Videos. These are a mix of our own MagicCoach clips and some from our sister site

Then, check out our  Products Page  It contains our own Exclusive eBooks and Master Class series.

If you would like to learn about the Tools, Software and Apps that we use in our business check out THIS RESOURCE

If you want to check out my background in the world of entertainment here it is. Timothy Hyde Bio.

If you are interested in using your Magic Skills in becoming an MC, please visit our sister site

There are TAB links to each of the major site sections above or you can come back to this page.

MagicCoach Pro   

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A complete set of – content, support & advice for the serious performer.
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Recent Videos

We have a full Videos Page , but here are two recent uploads.
The first is on using more Inclusive Language in your performances
and then a Full Tutorial on using your Magic Skills to work as a Magical MC.