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  How’s your Memory? Most people reply, “Not as good as it used to be!” As working Magicians it’s really important to keep our Memory Skills sharp. Think for a moment what it would be like if your skills were 10% – 20% better!   # You would remember Names & Faces so much better [...]

Learn 3 Secrets from the “World’s Greatest Investor” Warren Buffett. (8 Minute Video)  

April 2017 News Update Full Details on book HERE

What can the World’s Best Investor Teach Us? I’ve been fascinated with the stock market for as long as I’ve known about it. I ran a “dummy portfolio” competition against classmates when I was at school and since then, when I was finally able to, bought a few stocks on my own whenever I had [...]

Further to the post of yesterday with exciting news that ShowBiz Blue Print is opening again, I had a chance to view the 4 videos that you can access for free via the site. Here’s just some of the information that is discussed! Three ways to Triple the amount of gigs you close How to [...]