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MagicCoachTV – Video Tutorials, Reviews, Interviews and more.

  • Professional Magic Secrets – How to build and Sustain a career in Magic
  • Two Minute Tips –  Quick Bite Sized Videos
  • Ten Minutes with … Series – Short visits with notable performers
  • Multiply Your Merchandising Series – Why, How & Ways to make more money at every show
  • Inside Peek Series – A look inside each of our Publications
  • Reviews, Tools and Links

News Updates


August 2016 –  Packed with Tips and Ideas

April 2017 –  Updates to ExpertMC Toolkit & Resource Manual


Professional Magic Secrets Series

Part 1 – Overview of Series

Part 2 – Don’t Perform these Shows!

Part 3 – Stop Performing That Trick!

Part 4 – Grow Your Business with this Magic Technique

Part 5 – Stop being Busy

Part 6 – The Magic Secrets of Warren Buffett



Two Minute Tips    –

#1  My Favourite Magic Table


#3 Two bits of Finesse for the Hunter Knot

#4 A Great Gag for any Book Test

#5 Another subtle secret for the Hunter Knot


Ten Minutes with …  Series

Lior Manor – International Mentalist, Trade Show Worker & MC


Multiply Your Merchandising Series – 3 Parts

Part 1 – WHY you should do Merchandising!

Part 2 – HOW you can sell more!

Part 3 – WHAT you can sell!


Inside Peek Series – A look inside some of our publications

Part 1 – Magazine Memory – The Forgotten Masterpiece of Mentalism

Part 2 – Routines for Rascals – 5 Professional Routines for Children & Family Audiences

Part 3 – The Hunter Knot Revisited – Professional Routine for Roving, Close Up, Trade Show & Street Work

Part 4 – The Secret Notebook of Mr Hyde Vol 1 – Mirthful Mentalism for the Real World

Part 5 – BWC  Your Questions Answered


Reviews, Tools & Links   –
Great Training I have studied in the past (Some of these go to external sites)

Video Traffic Academy
  Excellent training resource.

iPhone Video Hero. Use the tool you already own to make great promotional videos. Click Here!

Video Software – fantastic tool for marketing & promotion.

Adwords for Entertainers – Drive targetted traffic to your site – Free Videos