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Over the last month I’ve had several emails from people telling me how much fun they have been having using my full Pig Test routine in their Virtual Zoom magic and mentalism shows!

The Pig Test interactive routine involves and engages the entire audience, so is absolutely  perfect for any Virtual Show.

Now, while I have no plans to do any Virtual Shows myself in the near future, I have been thinking, as an exercise, which of my own routines would be suitable for the medium.

(I should point out I am doing several Virtual MC assignments in the next month or so, something I will discuss later.)

Looking at my own material, I have several already published routines, and one soon to be published routine, that also work brilliantly for Virtual Events.

Let’s go through them and give you a few extra ideas.

The Pig Test

As mentioned the perfect routine, everyone involved at the same time. I’ve done it over the radio, over the phone, in Workshops, huge Meetings and of course hundreds of shows.

You can find the full expanded and enhanced script in The Secret Notebook of Mr Hyde Vol 1.    It’s a fun filled 5 minutes!

Click Here for Full Details

Note -I call it the Expanded and Enhanced version, because you can find a very basic version in a few places online, but we present a full script, with structure and many more magical variations.

7 Days

In the same book is another fun routine that I performed on every cruise ship I worked and many corporate events over the last 20 years.

Once again this is perfect for Virtual Shows, as you could easily use the Whiteboard feature on Zoom or flick to a simple graphic or just hold up a sketch pad as I used to do.

The script idea I will be playing with in my up coming Virtual MC assignments is linking it to “Working from Home.”  As so many people are now doing this, it’s the perfect hook.

If you have the book already, play around with that idea!

And if you don’t know the routine, it proves mathematically that most people only work “One Day a Year”. Very funny with a great kicker.  It runs about 3 minutes.

You can find it in the same book HERE


A separate routine I know would also be perfect for Virtual Magic Shows is BWC.

This is sold as a separate manuscript. It lasts about 2 and half minutes and I used it as a warm up routine in every one of my Cruise Ship shows. But doing it in a virtual setting allows you to really have fun with the Kicker Ending I have shared with owners before.

Produce a Glass or Bottle of Water at the end!

By controlling the sight lines from the camera,  which is so easy to do, especially as you have a piece of cardboard in your hands, you can have the Glass practically anywhere ready for appearance! This won’t make much sense if you don’t have the routine already, but if you do, I urge you to play with it!

You can find it described in full HERE

MC Assignments

I mentioned I was doing more Virtual MC assignments over the next few months. MC work and helping train MC’s has been my main focus for the last few years.

An alternative place to get The Pig Test and the 7 Days routine is my book for MC’s The Expert MC – Toolkit and Resource Manual. They are not described in as much detail in this manual, but you also obviously then get all the other MC material as well.

Details Here.

Finally, I must also mention I have a 4th Routine from my Cruise Ship Shows that I had planned to market one day as a Manufactured Prop and Full routine.  I don’t think the prop will happen in the foreseeable future, if ever, so I’m now writing it up as a Virtual Routine. Similar to the Pig Test, everyone in the audience is involved and there is a lot of built in hilarity.  Expect news about this by the end of September.

About to perform at the Royal Hawaiian, Waikiki


With the legendary Bob Cassidy, Los Angeles

The Stand Up Comedy years

The Illusionist Years



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