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Videos, Audios and Reading Material – April 2014

Hi there!

If you follow all the Links and Resources in this edition, you’ll probably not be finished by the time the next newsletter comes out. Some terrific – Video, Audio and Reading resources.

Restaurant Tips

Thanks to those people who sent in a Restaurant Magic Tip. Some excellent responses and ideas. There is still time if YOU want to be included in the upcoming Vanish Compilation. Just reply to this email. (I can see people changing their Websites already – “Contributor to Vanish Magazine.”)

Last Chance

Yep, last chance to watch the ShowBiz BluePrint videos before they come down. Even if you think you have watched them before, Barry has tweaked and added quite a lot. From what I hear there are still some places available in the course itself which is going to be a sensational career changing experience for another small group of performers prepared to take action.         DETAILS HERE!

Interesting Lecture

If you have a spare hour, here’s another Video that you might want to watch. Leif David gives a wide ranging lecture that covers – branding, marketing materials, advertising, newsletters, and more including show set up etc.        http://partshowpartbusiness.com/2013/11/late-night-conversation/


Are you lost in a swirl of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr & Instagram? Not sure which way to go or if you even should go?  I’ve been reading Gary Vaynerchuk – Jab Jab Jab Right Hook, recently and recommend it if you would like a quick start guide to the various social media platforms out there. Plenty of advice and lots of case studies and examples. Available in the usual spots in different formats.

More Social Media

If you want more than just a chapter on each of the platforms, http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com is an incredible resource, with some terrific tutorials and advice.

Another Magic Podcast

Yet another Magic Podcast enters the rapidly growing field. It looks and sounds terrific and hopefully Kriss Sheppard will manage to keep up his ambitious publishing schedule of one new episode a week.   Check it out here  http://successfulperformercast.com/

The Expert MC’s Toolkit & Source Book

Progress is humming along on our next publication. Tons of advice on being an MC and pages of Content like –  Jokes, Lines, Stories, Activities, Introductions etc.  Hopefully available in the next few weeks.

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