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Blogs, Ventriloquism, Children’s Shows

Blogs of Interest!

I had some nice feedback on the last issue asking for some more Blogs or Newsletters that people may not be aware of.

Tom Frank has a new Blog project aiming at a post every day. He writes really well, has a wealth of stories, photos and knowledge and it’s well worth following.

(I actually watched him working a couple of years ago at the Universal CityWalk in LA.)    DETAILS HERE

New Resources

Actually, these are not too new, but I have been getting good reports back on both of them.

Children’s Entertainment – Build Your Magic Show

I’ve met Julian the presenter of this course on a number of occasions and watched him build his Childrens Entertainment business into one of the most popular and busiest in his capital city. (And he has a lot of competition!) I’ve also seen the general public raving about his show on FaceBook. Have a look at this video and you’ll see what I mean! DETAILS

If you like his presenting style you can cut to the chase, this is the Package that he is offering. A great deal from what I hear.   DETAILS

Ventriloquism Resources

I love how Ventriloquism keeps developing and reinventing itself. Many magicians add in some to their shows or develop complete new acts. Tom Crowl has produced two great products that are regarded as the best in the industry. If you are at all interested in this field these are just what you need. Learn from some of the biggest names in the business. Note – You can sample a big chunk of these for free.

Learn Ventriloquism  and  The Ventriloquist Script Writing Course

Coming Up in Vanish Magazine

I’ve just posted a new article to Paul exploring the business of being an MC. You will know some of the ideas if you have visited already but there is a nice reading list included. The next issue should have some insider tips from my friend Raymond Crowe on surviving the Australia’s Got Talent experience.

Your Success Reading List

I doubt that many of you have read this one, but’s it’s well worth checking out on many levels. “Success in Action” by Dan Thurmon. Juggler turned Speaker, it’s full of Motivation, Goal Setting & Personal Development advice and Action steps. However, you can also model HOW he has turned his skill set and knowledge into a new product. You can pick it up at Amazon for peanuts.

Thought For The Week

“Even after you become proficient in what you do, risks never quite go away. But avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”   Helen Keller

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