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So Valentines Day has come and gone again.

I’m not concerned with how many cards you got, but did you take the opportunity to leverage the day into additional work? Or just a moment to strengthen a business relationship?

I know it’s too late now to do anything now but there’s always next year and it should serve as a template for other special days.

Fathers day, Mothers Day , Easter  etc


Send Cards!

Make your own or buy them in bulk.

A Magic Valentines Day mailout can be very effective.

Past Clients, Conference Organisers, Agents and Bureaux.

A nice card with nice words can work wonders.

“Love to … work with you again soon” etc.

Close Up workers can find a quick phone around to clubs restaurants etc can often result in both extra Lunch Time and Evening bookings on the big day.

So look in your diary now and plan a mini campaign for the next one, whatever it is.



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