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The one Question you can ask worth Thousands!

Magic MarketingThis is a technique that can be used by everyone from birthday party acts to multiple thousand dollar corporate acts.

The question, which can be inserted into a booking inquiry conversation is this …

“who have you used in previous years ?”

Now obviously this is not going to be applicable to every possible job that comes your way, but for those where it fits it’s a very powerful tool.

It lets you know early in the conversation the type of event the person is planning. It also delays the moment when you need to quote a price. The longer you can get information from the client and establish your credentials and benefits before you name a price the better.

For those performers who offer a range of options or different acts it is perfect.

(Or if you are a performer who is a little bit flexible on your pricing structure then this information will help you get more hits with your pricing quotes.)

They may answer the question by saying that last year they used Flippo the Clown , who you know works for $50 for an hour show and includes two hours of walkaround.

Alternatively, they might reply that they used James Splash. Now you know that they probably paid $1500 and probably were happy with a 30 minute show.

This information is very valuable.

You can also use it as a screening process. Are you going to send a promotional pack and DVD and spend an hour working on a custom proposal if you know that last year they paid $50 ?

So, when the phone rings later today and someone asks how much you charge for a show, ask the question!!!!

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