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The Best Online Marketing Tool I’ve seen in Years!

I’m going to keep this short.A few weeks ago I was introduced to a brilliant new program for making short “explainer” type videos. These are the animated style that all the big brands use. You easily identify with the character and the problem they face and then see the solution they found.This software is fast, simple and amazingly cheap. I’ve been using it already on a couple of my other sites.

video box

Seriously, you have to check this out and I guarantee your head will be swimming with possibilities of using this in your promotions, direct client contact emails, online or preshow videos etc.

You could also set yourself up and make these for other people, something they explain on the info page. I’m not sure how long the is on for, this hasn’t been available for a few weeks, so they are just starting to sell it again.

Note – There are a few upsells at the end. I bought the The ProThemes bonus pack, glad I did, but obviously you don’t need to.

(It’s funny how some magicians are put off by online upsells, but are happy to offer a Deluxe Show themselves for extra money ,  levitate the birthday child, balloon animals for everyone etc.)

Anyway, this is a  great way to tell your marketing story in a visual way at little cost.


Timothy Hyde

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  • Barry Friedman May 30, 2014, 5:47 pm

    Oh Timothy – isn’t this unbelievable? I’ve been using it since it first came out, too. A bunch of people in my program have been talking about it. It’s stupid simple and mega powerful.

    Oh – and great point about the upsells! That is hilarious.

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