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Secret NoteBook of Mr Hyde – Vol 2 – Magazine Memory


The long awaited follow up to the widely acclaimed Vol 1. This time, just one routine is examined in great depth. The classic show stopping, reputation making …

Magazine Memory

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Unlike Volume One where we discussed a number of different routines and concepts, Volume 2 just examines one, in great detail! One of mentalism’s classic routines, The Magazine Memory effect.

This show stopping, reputation enhancing, showcase of mental prowess is seldom seen these days, but is well within the capabilities of any performer.

And I mean any performer! It’s not just a routine for mentalists. Many magicians over the years have successfully incorporated it into their programs and it’s perfect for trade shows and speaking presentations, mixing in a bit more content.

In the Classic routine, pages from a current issue single magazine or that morning’s newspaper are distributed into the audience. Page numbers are called out at random, yet the performer is able to describe with astonishing accuracy what is on each page. Performers such as Harry Lorayne, Marc Salem, Alain Nu, Barrie Richardson, Bill Larsen and Bill Tadlock have all featured the routine at some time in their acts. Yet this is the first book to focus just on this effect since Bernard Zufall wrote about it in 1940.

The Secret Notebooks Vol 2 – Magazine Memory, gives this classic routine the Timothy Hyde treatment. No pipe dreams or arm chair theories, just solid tips, techniques and tactics drawn from hundreds of paid performances. Timothy has performed this effect on Luxury Cruise Ships, Corporate Banquets and Theatre shows around the world and is finally revealing his inside secrets.

If you have read Volume 1 and have performed – The Pig Test, Ziploc Psychometry or incorporated his handlings for the MOAB,  which were all applauded by professionals world wide, you know the sort of routines Timothy likes.

Commercial routines with wide appeal, that play big, involve lots of people, are entertaining, adaptable and have simple yet subtle methodology.

This manuscript, Magazine Memory, will cut months, if not years, from the learning of this routine! Many performers know about the Magazine Memory effect yet have shied away from attempting it due to lack of information about it and the apparent difficulty of performing it. This manuscript will go a long way towards dealing with both those issues.

In fact, the perceived difficulty is one of it’s great advantages. Audience members give us more credit for our skills in performing it and fewer performers actually attempt it.

And it’s more than just an explanation of the effect. It’s a comprehensive toolkit that explores different themes, different methodologies, different revelations and a whole lot more.
This is a show stopping high energy and dramatic routine that can involve hundreds of spectators! Is it memory or is it mindreading? The choice is yours!

There are many different ways to frame or theme the effect and you are only limited by your imagination. Timothy discusses several different themes including – Super Shopping List, a Mindreading approach, an approach evoking the sights and smells of a dentists waiting room and highly commercial uses of the routine for Trade Shows and Product demos.

We reveal different approaches to the methodology – including the classic approach, and then Timothy’s current variation that uses multiple current magazines making the whole effect apparently even more difficult, where in fact it’s actually easier, even for a less confident performer. We then cover routines and structure and the important discussion on different ways to get the most impact from the revelations and how to incorporate other effects or surprises into the routine. We then discuss, importantly, how to finish the routine!

Note – You do not need to have a super Memory to perform this effect. In fact once you have mastered The Hype, The Rip and The Jazz, even with just a handful of pages mastered you will have a great routine that involves plenty of people. Once you’ve seen the reaction the routine gets, I predict you’ll be working on it some more and exploring the endless possibilities.

If you don’t already know a memory system, Timothy takes you step by step through several different ones and provides a resource list of both print and websites for further study. Timothy has taught Memory Techniques at university level and has simplified and honed his approach to get you quickly performing the effect. Not only will these techniques be useful for this effect, but you will be able to use them for other effects such as  – day for any date, branching anagrams etc. In fact, Timothy strongly believes, successfully tackling this effect will give you a confidence that will shine through your entire performance!

And if you do know a memory system already, I’m sure you’ll find a few new ideas and techniques in that section that will add to your own skills. Timothy shares his technique for quickly forming vivid memory pictures and his technique to expand a simple 1 – 20 peg list to a 1 – 100 or 1 – 300 list with very little effort at all.

Bonus.. Timothy also shares his pet secret with the routine. A simple yet powerful strategy that will do wonders for your prestige and reputation as a wonder worker. It’s perfect for Cruise Ships (where Timothy developed it working on the World’s two highest rated lines Crystal and Silversea) as well as being useful for Corporate Events and Theatre Shows.

Here’s your chance to add a proven, reputation enhancing, major effect to your repertoire. Timothy used this very routine as a closing effect for several years, but is just as useful at other points in a show.

The price of The Secret Notebooks of Mr Hyde Volume 2 – Magazine Memory, is US$20 .


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Recent Comments

“Reading Mr. Hyde’s ebook gave me the motivation to do this effect!”Lior Manor – Israel

“I love memory effects yet have always concentrated on Giant Memory. After reading Timothy’s version of the magazine memory effect it is time to turn the page.

Everything is clear, concise and practical. It is obviously borne of much experience. Everytime I thought he was done, Mr. Hyde would introduce another great twist.

If you’ve never done a memory effect because you thought it too much work, this will likely change your mind. If you worried an audience might find it boring, Timothy Hyde’s Magazine Memory Effect will definitely change your mind! As much as Volume II is about the memory effect, it is that much more about squeezing every last bit of entertainment out your performance.”  Bill Cushman – Florida

“Timothy – I read it through and I think it’s wonderful. This is, of course, a fabulous effect, but as you rightly point out some performers are often just a little but too timid to try it out.
I think it’s very well written and easy to understand with some nice twists and turns on the basic concept. I must say, I have always been waiting for this effect to become the next “in” thing. Your excellent manuscript may just kick that off! Highly recommended.”Drew McAdam – Scotland

“What a wonderful book. Timothy has provided a comprehensive look at the Magazine Memory effect. I have read no other text on this that gives this much color, detail and insight into the methodology and the performance of this classic mentalism effect that only comes from careful examination and extensive performance. In fact, Timothy describes his own memory nuances that will improve your memory work at least 10% (if not better). Mr. Hyde gives several options, so you can decide which best works for you. In fact, he offers some suggestions on expanding some methods you may already know, great ways to practice and a number of wonderful ways to utilize this in your own performance..

Not only do I highly recommend this for those who perform this routine, but more importantly, if you have the slightest inclination that you might want to, then read this and you will. Timothy rightly positions this skill with the powerful psychological tools of the mentalist like muscle reading and suggestion. Timothy is giving away REAL POWERS. Use wisely.”Sean Waters – USA

“Timothy Hyde’s The Magazine Memory Effect contains a wealth of essential information for anyone wanting to perform any type of memory effect. He starts with an overview of two basic memory systems, and then teaches the magazine memory. I loved the tool he uses to aid memorization. It also make it easy to practice the effect anywhere you happen to be. Timothy then goes on to teach, in detail, his version of magazine memory. This is exactly the information I would have loved to have had when I was performing this effect. I learned how to do it from Tony Andruzzi’s tape, and never turned it into the show stopping effect that Timothy has. I used a single copy of Time magazine. In his routine, Timothy uses five current magazines. One is chosen and the pages are distributed throughout the audience. Timothy tells people what is on the page they are looking at in the usual way, but also involves glimpses and his numbering system to create confusion in the audience’s minds about whether he is using memory or reading their minds. Timothy has excellent ways to create what he calls “The Big Finish.” My favourite is his use of other effects within the main routine. Timothy also includes an After Show Challenge, which is the perfect way to keep people interested long after the show is over. It’s also the perfect way to get people to visit your Back of the Room sales table. Timothy has obviously performed this effect hundreds, if not thousands, of times, and in The Secret Notebooks of Mr Hyde – Volume 2 he shares every subtlety and detail he has learned. Before reading this book I thought I knew everything I needed to know about this effect. In fact, I knew very little. Timothy has turned this effect into a masterpiece. Highly recommended.”  Richard Webster – New Zealand

“Just finished reading my copy. Great stuff!”Jon Stetson – USA


The price of The Secret Notebooks of Mr Hyde Volume 2 – Magazine Memory, is US$20 .





At this time all our products are also all available at


Watch a short Video where Timothy discusses Magazine Memory – The Forgotten Masterpiece of Mentalism

Watch a performance of the Magazine Memory effect by Jonathan Levit filmed at the famous Magic Castle.

Note – I have no idea if Jonathan owns or studied my manuscript but the routine contains many of the ideas and concepts discussed at length in the book.
It is a brilliant performance of this classic routine and shows just how entertaining it can be!