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Secret Notebook of Mr Hyde – Volume 1

secret200Secret NoteBook of Mr Hyde – Volume 1

Mirthful Mentalism for the Real World.

These routines were first shared with the famed PEA (The Pyschic Entertainers Association) who encouraged me to share them with the wider performing community. Several of the routines are still part of my performing repetoire when I work on Luxury Cruse ships

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Ziplock Psychometry

This routine first appeared in the October ’92 issue of Vibrations, the private newsletter of the Psychic Entertainers Association. It updates the classic Annemann routine, using everyday items in a seeming impromptu manner. The use of ziplocks allows a multitude of theme possibilities, safety of the spectators objects and a bold marking method that can be studied at leisure.

The Pig Test

Hilarious interactive routine that can actively involve the entire audience. It’s a group “reading” that can be expanded and adapted to any size audience from one on one, up to hundreds.

Baby Gag Plus

Takes the corny old Baby Gag and gives it a powerful kicker

Musical Telepathy

A bold and powerful exploration of mentalisms classic routine. Originally designed for cruise ship performance the secret can be applied to many applications.

Seven Days

A great standalone piece for MC’s, Motivational Speakers or StandUp performers. The performer “proves” that most people only work one day a year.

My Mother

The widely acclaimed handling of Ted Karmilovich’s Mother of all Booktests. The Two person handling “The first letter con”, was first shared with the PEA and then reprinted with permission in Richard Busch’s “Mothers Home Companion”.

This chapter includes – this handling carefully detailed, a different routine utilising Larry Beckers Flashback, a method to justify your first “miss”, a method to eliminate the chance of a spectator messing up the instructions, a method to save yourself embarrassing a spectator and a few delightful “bits of business” that have developed over hundreds of performances.

Psychic Heckler Stopper

Based on a premise by Dan Blackwood, this routine is perfect for Stand Up Performers. This hilarious routine uses several helpers in the audience and a collection of “heckler stoppers”.

Whack Pack

Not only does the performer read the mind of the spectator, but more importantly he reveals how the person actually thinks, how he solves problems or how he makes decisions! A startling understanding of another’s mind process.


Comments from the Mentalism Community

“I’m extremely jealous, really top notch material. The book is excellent as is the thinking behind it. The Pig Test cracks me up. If I had any memory left I’d be sure to include it in my repertoire. ”  Larry Becker

“A great little collection of tips, routines and ideas from one of Australia’s top workers!”  Ted Karmilovich

“This is certainly a wonderful compilation of entertaining usable material for anyone. I enjoyed it.”  Banachek

“I read your book when it first came here and have read it again lately. I think it is a wonderful book filled with a lot of practical and well thought out ideas! The fact that you actually perform these is evident from the descriptions and the clear thinking. It reminds me of some of Ormond McGill’s or Tommy and Liz Tucker’s books where they give out very practical material from a working professional’s standpoint. The fact that you have some “gag” items in there is something I love. Many performers don’t really understand what it takes to make up a successful show. Your book shows them what is involved!”   Richard Osterlind

“I would like to add my compliments. Great stuff!”   Jon Stetson

“Mr Hyde … received it, read it and loved it!  Pig test is really funny, especially when you get to the tail! I also love your zip-lock bag presentation. Great stuff and I definitely recommend your book – The MOABT addition is also very useful.”    Josh Zandman

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