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Multiply Your Merchandising

Merchandising for EntertainersSecret Techniques & Proven Methods to make More Money at EVERY Show

Many magicians make piles of extra money at their shows via some form of Merchandising.

It’s icing on the cake for well-paying jobs and also allows them to accept at times lower paying gigs as they know they will easily recoup any difference from cash sales at the Back of the Room. (BOR)

But there are several other important reasons that magicians should consider some form of Merchandising. Prestige, Marketing, Publicity and more.

Our report – Multiply Your Merchandising, recently updated in 2015, gives you 5 good reasons WHY you should consider some form of Merchandising, HOW to easily put some together and 13 Tactics and Secrets you can put into ACTION immediately to multiply your sales at every show.

We show examples of what we have successfully sold over the years, give links to many different Resources and show how modern magicians are also using technology like Digital Downloads and other high-tech delivery methods to increase their take-home pay.

The Multiply Your Merchandising report is currently a Free Download, available as the first part of our Subscribers Bonus Pack. Tell us where to email it to via  THIS PAGE.

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