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MagicCoach 200

Introducing MagicCoach 200

The Very Best of MagicCoach  Volume 2

Hi, Timothy Hyde here.Back in 2003 we published our first compilation of Articles, Tips and Advice and called it MagicCoach 100 – The Best of MagicCoach. These articles were originally published in the first 100 issues of our emailed newsletter, hence the name. It continues to be a big seller off our website.Now, 14 years later we are proud to announce the arrival of Volume 2 and sticking with the theme we’ve called it MagicCoach 200. For the past few years I have been writing a regular column in VANISH magazine, which is read by thousands each issue. We’ve taken each of those articles, expanded on them, added some extra material and importantly compiled an updated Resource section. A lot has changed in the magic business since the first volume! 

What’s in the Book?To start we have a handy Quick Start Guide. It will give you some Tips and Advice on getting the most out of the book.

Then in the First main section we talk about the nitty grity of Building a Career in Magic. We discus…

  • Tactics, Fees & Momentum
  • How to be more Productive & more Creative
  • How to work with others, to outsource and the powerful Accountability Buddy system
  • We give you Tools and Actions to use immediately

The Second section is focussed on a few popular Market Areas . You get Insider Secrets and not just from me. We asked other experts in these fields to share their best tips on working these lucrative markets.

  • Trade Shows
  • Restaurants
  • Speaking
  • Cruise Ships
  • MC Work

The Third section is an assortment of advice on the Business of Magic. You will learn …

  • Three clever strategies for Corporate Close Up
  • Two of my own Openers (One for Stage, One for Close Up.)
  • Some of the Tips and Techniques for using YouTube that got me ​600,000 views
  • The missing Manual for the Magic Cafe that got me banned from the forum
  • Advice on adding Illusions to your act (I asked Jonathan Pendragon!)
  • Inside secrets on working “Got Talent” TV Shows (I asked a cast member of The Illusionists!)
  • Advice on using LinkedIn to get more Corporate work
  • Some Travel Tips, How to get the most out of a Magic Convention and more

The Forth section is Resources . This is a new section of our website​. As it’s right here on the website I can keep it updated, so you get the most recent version and you can access it anywhere.  At the time of writing there are over 50 items listed and linked.

  • I list every important Tool I use in my business
  • Useful Trainings I’ve done and Web resources I use – both Free & Paid
  • List of all Books and Websites mentioned in MagicCoach 200

Note – As mentioned, some of the material in MagicCoach 200, has been published by us before. We based our 25 Vanish Magazine articles on our blog posts, website articles, some extracts from our books and from the Reports we release. We have however also expanded on the original sources, adding more examples, action steps and explanations. You get the complete eBook , 94 pages packed with information to grow your Entertainment Business.

The feedback on Timothy’s series in VANISH have gained the highest praise from readers around the world. His advice is always spot on and taken from somebody who knows show business inside out. He has spent years working in every market imaginable and we are extremely fortunate that he shares it with the readers of VANISH Magic Magazine.

Paul RomhanyInternational Performer & Publisher of  Vanish Magazine

Great ebook Magic Coach 200! I scanned over some sections and the tactics for YouTube alone are worth more than the price of the book! Lots of great practical advice and simple action steps to actual do what he talks about.

Michael ScanzelloMagician USA

You have some seriously good advice to share!

Daz Buckley Magician Australia

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