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Hunter Knot Revisited


A Professional routine for Trade Show, Roving and Interactive Show Performance

Guaranteed to Stop & Build a huge crowd!

Available as an Instant Download. See Inside Peek Video below.



I love the Hunter Puzzle Knot.

Invented by British Magician G.W. Hunter, it’s a deceptive effect that a lot of magicians know, but is sometimes overlooked as a strong performance piece. I built a routine around his simple but effective idea, that has proven to be a very commercial routine, that I am now pleased to share with other magicians.

For many years I featured this very routine as my opening effect for Trade Show performances. It quickly stops one person and then another, the crowd then snowballing into a laughing involved crowd of 30-40 or more! Your clients will love the way this works as a traffic generator.

hunter1It’s also just as effective for large walk around or roving events where you need to involve a lot of people and need to be seen to be making a big impact. Likewise it’s the perfect filler routine! Perhaps you are booked for a two hour engagement and you arrive expecting hundreds of people and find there are only 20 or so! You are sure going to burn through your material fast. You need something like this routine.

It’s the ultimate “Packs Small Plays Big!”

The routine you are buying here has been proven in all these environments! It’s also just as effective for children as it is for adults. It’s the ultimate “Packs Small Plays Big!” It can also be put together at a moments notice. A quick rummage through the cupboards or stop at a hardware or convenience store will provide all the material you need.

Now, I know what you’re thinking!     ….    “I know this simple effect!”

Well, yes you probably do. But, what you are learning here is a Routine, a structure that uses the simple effect to its maximum potential. It moves the spectators along through 4 distinct phases and sends them off no wiser as to how you did it. Importantly, it also reduces the chance that they will stumble on the secret or even bother trying to work it out later.

You will learn –

  • How to build a huge crowd
  • How to minimize the chances of someone stumbling on the secret
  • What to do if someone already knows
  • How to keep people actively involved and interested
  • The Transfer Ruse
  • The Interrupt
  • The Blow Off

I also include in the manuscript a couple of handling tips that I believe are seeing print for the first time and a detailed explanation of the One Handed Mid Air Knot (OHMAK), a delightful rope flourish that deserves wider attention and can be inserted into other rope routines.

This routine has served me extraordinarily well for 30 years and I know you will not be disappointed. If you want to learn a routine that …

  • Works with Adults, Children or mixed.
  • Works on Stage, Trade Show or Walk Around/Roving
  • Is perfect for Busking or Street Magic Performance

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