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This section of the Website is in several sections .

As well as the free Newsletter, we have our own exclusive MagicCoach Products  and also recommend items from other experts in the Magic Business , (often at discount.)

Our own Products are divided between Performance Material, the MasterClass series on Marketing, Promotion & different markets etc and MagicCoach Pro for magicians wanting to use the skills they already have in areas such as MC work, Professional Speaking, Team Building etc.

We have also listed our OnLine Video Training Series. While not designed specificaly for Magicians these products will be of great interest and many performers buy them.

Each Product has it’s own information page and you can get there via the listing below.

“Can’t wait to see what you put out next! All grade A material”  – Denny Corby USA


MagicCoach – Performance Material

BWC – A moment of interactive fun that captures everyones attention and gets a guaranteed laugh

The Hunter Knot Revisited – The perfect routine for roving, busking and trade show performances

Routines for Rascals – 5 Professional Routines for Family Entertainers

The Secret NoteBook of Mr Hyde – Vol 1 – Collection of  Fun Mentalism

The Secret NoteBook of Mr Hyde – Vol 2 – Magazine Memory – One of Mentalism’s Great Effects

The Expert MC – The Expert MC – Toolkit & Resource Manual 

MagicCoach – Masterclass Series  – Marketing, Promotion & Different Markets

MagicCoach 100 –  The Best of MagicCoach Volume 1-  Articles, Tips & Techniques from the first 3 years of MagicCoach

MagicCoach 200 – The Best of MagicCoach Volume 2 – From the last 3 years   Full Details

Multiply Your Merchandising – Why you Should Do it, How to put something together and the Tactics & Tools to Multiply your Sales! Currently a Free Download. (Updated in 2015)

Magically Speaking – Catapult your entry into the world of Professional Speaking

The Expert MC – The Expert MC – Toolkit & Resource Manual 

MagicCoach Pro

Are you serious about expanding your magic business? Explore exciting new corporate markets with Magic Coach Pro! Coming Soon.

A complete set of – content, support & advice for the serious performer.For more information and to get early notification of launch & additions, please visit Magic Coach Pro

OnLine Video Training Series

Motivate Your Memory  : Simple Secrets -Stunning Results. We guarantee to improve your memory in this 2 hour Course

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