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New Years Thoughts

New Years Eve Thoughts   2013/14

Well, that’s it for another year!

I hope yours went as well as you hoped and you are getting a little time for reflection and planning.

Work wise it’s been my busiest travel year yet.  7 short performing cruise contracts took me to – NZ, Japan, South Korea, Tonga, Tahiti, Fiji, New Caledonia & Vanuatu.

The rest of the time … Corporate assignments in Hong Kong (2), Hawaii, Perth(4), Melbourne(4) Gold Coast (2), Hobart (2) and every other state and territory capital of Australia. Most of them were multiday conferences. Even got to do 3 assignments in Sydney, which was 2 more than last year.

Thought for the Week

So, are you mapping out next year?  Here is a great idea to help …..

1/ Instead of making Resolutions that you inevitably fail and then feel guilty about, how about setting a Theme for the coming year?  A one word concept that encapsulates and resonates with you right through the year. These were some suggestions from a recent blog I read on this tool – Mindfulness, Enjoyment, Movement, Nourish.

I’m still debating mine, but possibly  – SIMPLIFY.   Add yours to the thread on our FaceBook Page

Coming Up in Vanish Magazine

Next two issues you should see from me, an article on Productivity and an interview with a “Got Talent” grand finalist who shares his insider insights.

Coming Up in MagicCoach

Two projects are moving along nicely. The one I can tell you about  is the ExpertMC Toolkit. A huge collection of Advice, Articles, Jokes, Scripts & Content for people working in the corporate world as an MC. Perfect for magicians wanting to break into this field. I’m hoping this will be finished in the next week or two ready for a February Launch.

Featured Resource Site    –      BYOBWebsite

Oh, this is good, very good.

My main project for this break is to revamp a couple of websites that are out there and get up to speed again with WordPress & the Thesis Theme. I found a fantastic training resource, hundreds of Videos, forum etc . I’ve been spending an hour on it each day. You should check it out and come join me  …

Check it out Here


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