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We asked six famous full-time Mentalists to name a couple of Inside Secrets to their Success!

Perhaps something they learnt early on in their careers.
What would they do differently now?
What would they do the same, if they were starting out again!

(Scroll down to see who they are. You’ll be surprised!)


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Jon Stetson

Consummate performer, advisor and creator of the unique “Stetson Experience”

Chris Carter

Multi Award Winner and Legend in both the College & Corporate Markets

Ken Weber

Veteran College performer and Author of the Must Read “Maximum Entertainment”

Craig Karges

Thousands of performances around the world, on TV, at Colleges and in Performing Arts Centers.

Marc Salem

Star of his own TV Shows and Theatre Shows around the world.

Max Maven

Legendary Performer, Creator and Writer

Mentalist Australia Timothy Hyde

About the publisher – Timothy Hyde

I’ve been a full time performer for nearly 40 years and for the last 17 have focused just on Mentalism, performing mainly on Luxury Cruise Ships for Cunard, Crystal & Silversea. I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time with each of these distinguished performers over the years and asked them each to share some secrets. These were first published in our MagicCoach newsletter and they have now been converted into this handy pdf document.


Learn from the Best in the Business!

You will learn these things and more!

  • What was the turning point for Chris Carter in terms of Scripting? An Opportunity that most Performers ignore.
  • What’s does Marc Salem advise you to always do After the Show?
  • What’s the One Thing Jon Stetson wishes he had done earlier?
  • Corporate vs College work! What does Craig Karges think now after years working both.
  • What is the simple yet effective “something” that Ken Weber suggests we all should do more of?
  • And you will find it impossible to read Max Maven’s comments in any voice but his!



Click here to Download the Report!