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MC Reading List

Magic MC Booklist

 Karrell Fox   

All of the Karrell Fox books are packed with clever simple commercial routines, with quite a few suitable for MC and Trade Show work

“Another Book”   in particular has a whole chapter on his approach to Introductions and MC work in general. Lots of great ideas, quite a few with gag props and visual cards.

Terry Seabrooke

“Seabrooks Book : Around the World with a Baking Tin” (1986)

Apart from his classic magic routines this great publication has a chapter on being an MC.

Beyond Compere: A Pocket Guide to Bring an Emcee” (1993) , expands on the chapter and adds plenty more content

Aldo Columbini    

“Your Host for Tonight – The Professional Emcee’s Handbook”

Like most of Aldo’s eBooks its fairly slim but packed with gems. Aimed more for the MC of Shows rather than Corporate work.

Just $10 at Lybrary.com   

Mike Caveney

Hidden away in Mike’s “Magicomedy” is a great “Tip” on being an MC