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March Magic Marketing

I’m just back from an awesome cruise around the South Pacific – Fiji, Vanuatu, New Zealand. 10 days of reading and writing, listening to good music and over the 10 nights just had to perform on two of them. Home for a few days and then my Corporate work kick in. Up to Hong Kong for a Telecoms event and then Western Australia for two different conferences. The two WA events are 5 days apart so have decided to stay over in the West and do some exploring rather than race backwards and forwards.

This Months Resources

Barry Friedman – ShowBiz Blue Print I believe Barry will be running one of his highly rated short courses quite soon. Ideal if you want to break into the Corporate Entertainment world. Follow the link to an Interview I did with him and watch 3 free Training Videos HERE

I’ve mentioned Kim Roach before. If you use WordPress here is a fantastic BLOG post with a round up of 100 Plugins. There were quite a few new to me and plenty of ideas sparked from the post.

WordPress Training – Nice to see a few subscribers starting to use the Build Your Own Business Website training I mention a few months ago. Huge site with plenty of free and paid resources. DETAILS HERE

Trivia! Quite a few magicians I know offer a Trivia Night as an alternative night for conferences and events. We did it for years and may well write up a booklet on the subject soon. Here is the BEST Source of Great Questions TRIVIA QUESTIONS HERE

Around The Web

Magic Cafe – This was a great thread that some may have overlooked because of the title. Great tip on doing a contra deal in exchange for membership in a networking type association. Could save you hundreds of dollars and be a great showcase. HERE

The Magic State of Mind – Peter Wardell hasn’t posted an interview for a couple of months. I’m hoping a flood of visitors will encourage him to put up some more of his great interviews soon. This series is packed with excellent info. HERE

Buskers Hall of Fame – Stories from the Pitch – goes from strength to strength. You don’t have to be a busker to enjoy and learn from these. I think they have published 3 episodes in the last month. HERE


“Set your course by the stars, not by the light of every passing ship.” — General Omar Bradley

It’s not always this smooth out on the Coral Sea! Photo from last week

All at sea
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