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MagicCoach Special Report

MagicCoach  SPECIAL REPORT – April 2014

Thanks for your interest in taking your magic to the next level.

I’ve been lucky to have been a full time performer for 35 years, with several years part time before that.  (If you want to find out more about my career, there are links to my personal websites at the bottom of this report.)

I know only too well how hard it is for some people to make the transition to full time performance. For others it’s a struggle to get the type of work they really want and/or to get the type of fees that they deserve.

I started my www.MagicCoach.com Project in 1999 to help people with those three challenges.

Over the last 15 years we have published our own Newsletter ( the Internets first regular Magic Marketing newsletter), 10 eBooks  and numerous free reports. We write a regular featured column in both Vanish Magazine & Vibrations and have written a cover story in MAGIC.

In the last year we have altered the focus of the newsletter slightly, taking a more journalistic model. Each month we report on Websites, Podcasts and Blogs of interest,   Facebook & LinkedIn groups you could consider joining and reviews of Products and Courses.  We have also managed to get special discounts for our subscribers on some of these items

So, how about some Resources!

#1    First off I encourage you to explore this site fully.   http://www.MagicCoach.com .  Register a valid email on any of the signup pages and you will be sent a link to download two free ebooks. The first is a study on how to boost the amount of money you take home from every show.  The second, a White Paper on some steps you can implement immediately to boost your business. You will also get a free subscription to the newsletter. (Subscriptions are protected by MailChimp , so just a one click un-subscription if you are not happy at any time.) Our last Blog post on the site had a great 12 Part Step by Step Instant Method for getting a Restaurant Gig! Check it out.

#2   Are you ready to take a big step forward with your career?  A few years ago I wanted to break into a specific Corporate niche and got some coaching from Barry Friedman from the famous Raspyni Brothers.  He is a terrific coach and supporter of our project. Barry is releasing 4 videos in the next few days that are packed with content.  He also has a free webinar coming up. Obviously he will be pitching his coaching services as well, but he always over delivers and I know you will find much to think about from the free videos. There is also a bonus Audio interview to listen to.  http://tinyurl.com/luuymh3

#3   A lot of magicians expand into the field of MC work at both Corporate Events & Weddings. It’s a perfect fit for our skill set.  Our sister site  http://www.ExpertMC.com provides a free 7 Part Resource kit, regularly updated blog and an invitation to our private LinkedIn group. Plenty of the items are useful for magicians and other mystery performers.

That should be enough to keep you going till the next Newsletter comes out when we are going to be listing the Top 10 Facebook & LinkedIn groups on the Internet.

Timothy Hyde

P.S   If you wanted a little background on who I am you can check out …

http://www.Timothy Hyde.com