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MagicCoach News – June 2014

Greetings from a chilly Blue Mountains.

Wow, the temperature has plummeted over the last week. Winter is not coming, it’s arrived. With two conferences in freezing Melbourne later this month, I’m looking forward to a well earned holiday in the steamy Northern Territory in 3 weeks time.


logosmallHuge response to this. As I warned you a couple of times, the price has now gone up $10 so you were clever if you jumped in when I first mentioned it. (Don’t you just hate those Price Going Up Soon offers that never do? Like our local Persian Rug Shop that’s been Closing Down for the last 10 years!)

Anyway, it’s still a great price for this product. I didn’t get any negative feedback from buyers  and there were many. (Last time I looked the refund rate for the product overall was about 3% which is a pretty remarkable figure for a tool like this).

Click Link for Info & Pricing

BONUS  for MAGICCOACH –  I also wrangled a Bonus Video Graphics Pack from the makers of this. There are some instructions in the Zipped file. About 150 meg . You probably need the product to make use of this but I’m not checking who downloads it   : )

Download Graphics Pack

Big News

Some big news here at the Office, we’ve just taken on a Virtual Assistant! Mainly to help market my Corporate Services but also to help with the newsletter blog etc.

The good news for you, not only will it free up a bit of my time so I can continue to hunt out great resources to grow your business,  I’ll be using this as a Case Study and will report down the track on my learning’s, ROI etc so you can replicate if you like. I’m committing to use her for at least 12 months so we should have a fairly clear picture and some interesting metrics by then. Stay tuned.

New Tools

I’ve been road testing  two new tech tools over the last month. This is not a full review in any way but just a quick mention of   …

RODE smartLav     Very nice small Lavaliere Microphone designed for iPhones. Terrific quality and perfect for recording yourself in live situations. Rode also make a free App for iPhones that obviously works well with the smartLav. Perfect if you are getting Video shot. Mic yourself up with the phone in your pocket and add it to the video later.

Roland R-05  Recorder      If you don’t want to get wired up, this Roland has two powerful condenser microphones that have amazing pick up qualities. It’s the size of a pack of cards, records to SD card. Brilliant. I’ve been recording my shows again, something I used to do a lot but have neglected for a while. This is used by a lot of the Podcasting Gurus, but has many more uses than just that. For instance great to  grab testimonials after a show.

There are plenty of full reviews online, but thumbs up from me for both of these..

Till next time

Timothy Hyde

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