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Magic Show Gift Vouchers!

Magician ShowMagic Show Gift Voucher

I was reminded of this idea when reading another maillist. I had heard of it before, but asked the writer Jack Disbrow if I could share it with you guys. I’ve added a few other ideas as well.

The basic concept is that you market a Gift Voucher to the value of one of your shows. So what’s the difference here. One show is one show. Well, there are a lot of angles to this.

# For Children’s Entertainers

Target your advertising in Seniors Newspapers.

“Buy a Children’s Show for your grandchildren.”

# Offer then at a discount at some times of the year! “Normally $150 – this month $125”

0  Buy One Show get a voucher for a second show at half price”

0  Offer them to Party planners or Party Supply Shops. They sell them at face value to their customers and then pay you an agreed percentage.

0  Offer them to Charity events / Fun Raisers etc as a item for Raffles/Auctions etc.

Remember, you want to have an expiry date on the Voucher. Be realistic otherwise no one will buy it, but you probably don’t want someone getting onto you a couple of years down the track.

If you pursued the “buy one as a gift” idea I’m sure you would find a certain number would actually never be taken up. You could factor this in to your pricing. Have a lower price that would encourage more sales, but knowing you may not have to do some of them.

Hope it helps line a few pockets!


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