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Magic Business CoachingThanks for your interest.

Every day, all around the world, there are groups of people getting together for meetings and events of some kind.

Along with the specific content or the reason for the meeting, the planner or client often has other objectives. Sure, they want some fun,  but they also want another layer … and often a standard Magic Show is just not going to cut it.

What if you could offer MORE than just a show?

What if you could provide elements of TeamBuilding & Personal Development into your offering?

What if instead of your normal 45 minute show you could offer a two hour experience, half day workshop or more and charge accordingly!

What if you could use the skills, routines and experience that you already have, but shape it into something bigger?

The effort to sell one of these events is just the same as it is to sell a one off show. Yet the returns can be much much more.

Over the last 15 years I’ve done programs like this for –

  • Corporate Conferences
  • Sales Meetings
  • Associations
  • Education Groups
  • Community Groups
  • Government
  • Industry groups
  • Healthcare
  • Youth Groups
  • Church Groups
  • and many more

And the size of these groups has ranged from just 15-20 people up to halls filled with 300-500.

How many times as a magician, juggler or cartoonist have you seen a great opportunity to provide MORE for one of your clients but haven’t really known where to start. You haven’t got the content, the structure, the experience, the time or a Coach to help get you there.

MagicCoachPro, will do just that.

We will be exploring several different corporate markets that Magicians & Entertainers can dominate using the skills and material they already have. And NO, this is not just Keynote Speaking.

We will explore  –  MC work at Corporate events, Team Building, Personal Development and a whole lot more.

I’m opening up the vault to performers who want to dive into these amazing markets, with a range of Content Modules and support. If YOU are at all interested, please register your interest below. No Obligation.

Please check your email for a confirmation email.

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Note – This list is seperate to the normal MagicCoach Newsletter subscription. You will get advanced warning of new Content Modules, get Special Pricing and an invitation into our private Support Community when it’s opened soon.


To give you a taste of some of the things we will be covering, here’s a peek at some workshops from 10 years ago! Much has been added and improved since then!

Note – While this video shows different Corporate groups, the programs are just as useful in – Association, Youth, Community groups etc.