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[Too long to read?  Magic Coach Pro will enable you to deliver a mix of Entertainment & Education to Corporate & Association Groups in a Workshop Setting. Earn far more than just delivering “a Show!”  Resources, Structure & Content provided.   Interested? Click the Link at the bottom!]

Every day, all around the world, there are groups of people getting together for meetings and events of some kind.

Along with the specific content or the reason for the event, the planner or client often has other objectives. Sure, they want some fun and will often hire some entertainment,  but they also want another layer … and often a standard Magic or Mentalism Show is just not going to be enough.

What if YOU could offer MORE than just a show?

What if, instead your normal 45 minute show you could offer a one hour experience, half day workshop or more and charge accordingly!

Alternatively, what if you could offer a Show and a Workshop!

What about actually teaching them something! Something useful!
Clients are clamouring for entertaining educational content like this.

What about the opportunity, that after every successful performance, you can offer the group a completely different follow up workshop or session, perhaps the next year.  You’ve already established a connection to the group and more importantly the booker, so this is already a much easier thing to sell.

What about upselling a conference Workshop Session on the day after you are booked for an evening show. (Especially if it’s at a fancy resort and you have to stay another night!)

What if you could use the skills, routines and experience that you already have, but shape it into something bigger?  With a much bigger fee!

The effort to sell one of these longer events is just the same as it is to sell a one off show. Yet the returns can be much much more.

The Clients love it too!  It’s much easier for them to justify your performance fee if there’s an learning element to it. In fact the fee might even come from a different company budget area, like Training or Development rather than their Entertainment or Conference budget. In fact many Professional Associations & Institutes must provide a certain amount of professional training each year.  This should be you!

Clients also love the fact that they can book One Person who fulfills several roles at the same event. It saves them time, money and logistics.

Over the last 25 years I’ve done programs like this for –

  • Corporate Conferences
  • Sales Meetings
  • Large Associations
  • Education Groups
  • Community Groups
  • Government Groups
  • Industry Groups
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Youth Groups
  • Church Groups
  • and many more

And the size of these groups has ranged from just 15-20 people up to halls filled with 300-500.

(If you haven’t already read my Background you can find it HERE  )

How many times as a magician, juggler or cartoonist have you seen a great opportunity to provide MORE for one of your clients but haven’t really known where to start or what to offer.

Or perhaps you’ve been asked to run a longer session, but you had to pass it up as you didn’t have the content, the structure  or the confidence to pull it off.

Magic Coach Pro, will provide all that and more!

As well as exploring in depth the many different markets that Magicians & Entertainers can dominate and giving you techniques and tools to help sell this new offering, for the first time I’m going to share the exact Content & Modular Structure that I’ve used for years at these types of sessions.

And NO, this is not just Keynote Speaking or MC work, though we will cover both of those.

And NO, this is not just running a Magic or Juggling Workshop but we will cover those as well.

What if you could provide different elements of Professional Development or Team-Building  into your offering, in a Modular workshop setting?

In Magic Coach Pro we explore  –  Team Building, Personal & Professional Development, Creative Thinking, Productivity, Goal Setting, Memory Skills and a whole lot more.  These are the types of things that Corporate, Association, Government and Community events are wanting and paying top dollar for.

And YOU with your entertainment confidence and bag of tricks are able to offer it to them in a Unique and Entertaining way!  Yes, you still get to perform your favourite routines and effects, keeping the participants enthused and learning.
Check out the video below to see exactly what I’m talking about!

But it’s not just these Corporate Events.  I’ve lectured on this very concept numerous times, I call it “Magic +” and many of the ideas can equally be applied to the childrens and family market.

You get a System to get more engagements And a System to get more money from each of those engagements

I’m opening up the vault to performers who want to dive into these amazing markets, with a range of different Content Modules and Support. You’ll get material I use, the structure to keep it all held together and the inside secrets into selling it.    I’ll also show you how you can easily start moving into this area and honing your skills before you even officially start to offer it!

If YOU are at all interested in finding out more about this exciting package, please register your interest by clicking the link below. No Obligation.

We are on track for launch in 2024

Note – This list is separate to the normal MagicCoach Newsletter subscription. You will get advanced warning of the launch, and get Early Bird Pricing.


To give you a taste of some of the things we will be covering, here’s a peek at some workshops from 15 years ago! Much has been added and improved since then!

Note – While this video shows different Corporate groups, the programs are just as useful in – Association, Youth, Community groups etc.