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Magic Accountability Buddy

Do you need a Career Coach, Mastermind Group or Accountability Buddy?

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Having a personal business coach for your entertainment business is a great investment, but it can seem expensive for some and they are often hard to find. An alternative and cheaper option is the Mastermind group, but these are also sometimes tricky to organise and participate in.

A third option is to get an Accountability Buddy! Skype, Facebook messaging etc has made it easy to catch up with a Buddy on a regular basis and they are becoming more and more popular. A weekly 15 -30 minutes can do wonders for your magic business, keeping both of you focused and excited.

I’ve tried all three of these options over the years and each has taken me to a new level.

The Why
In the very simplest of terms having a ‘Magic Accountability Buddy’ will accelerate your magic business growth. I guarantee it. It will keep you focused on the commitments you make. Ticking off the little steps to knock off the big goals, all in the time frame you set yourself! You are putting Peer Pressure to work.
You will also grow by helping your buddy. Often, seeing the gaps, the possibilities and the sticking points in others will help you reflect on your own. You often read in forums and hear in discussions “I’m not very good at selling myself, but I can really sell others!” Yep, it’s a very common self limiting belief. Helping your “AB” move through their options, possibilities and challenges will also let you think and act on those of your own your own. Plus of course, they will also be directly helping you keep on track.
The Who
The internet, email, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Texting etc has multiplied the number of people who could become your “AB.” While Face to Face is excellent, cast your net wide. I always suggest start by looking at your FaceBook friends. We tend to gravitate to people sharing the same hopes, dreams and ambitions even if we don’t know them very well. And they could live anywhere! And forget the “oh they could be compitition” thinking! And, if you think it’s a good idea, there’s no point in just sitting around waiting for someone to ask you. Take the initiative. 
But also don’t limit yourself to people in your specific market niche or even industry. In my past MasterMind groups I’ve had lawyers, criminologists, building developers and entrepreneurs all giving me fascinating and valuable support.

The How

Here are some important tips if you’ve never done this before.

Firstly, agree on a framework and guidelines.

Catch Up on a set/regular basis. It’s nice to chat to your magic friends and find out what they have been doing, but the power of the AB system comes from more than that.
Weekly is great and if you are serious, you can add a mid week progress check.

Set a time limit to the sessions. We all lead busy lives. After the initial couple of sessions, keep them tight.

Start with a trial period. This is not a marriage, you are not committing for life. Agree on a set period and then assess if you want to go on. It may take a while to finf the right AB and the right set of rules.

Agree on Confidentiality.

Both keep Journals & Notes.   This is a two sided thing. You are both working on each other.

The What

Here are some thought starters on what to discuss.

Goals, Progress and Check-ins.   “Do What? By When? Perceived Obstacles?”

Chunking. Breaking up the Big Goals into the smaller steps.

The One Big Thing for the Week

The Book Club Approach. Work through a book together. Booked Solid, The 12 Week Year or Zen to Done would give you months of great productive shared activity.

If you need more ideas, a Google search will be very rewarding.