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Honest feedback really is vital to keep our performances on track. If we are trying out new material, or working a new concept, it’s great to have someone sit out in the audience and give you notes.

But this is not always possible to arrange. This weeks tip is a very simple strategy. But it is very powerful. I picked this up from the master teacher Michael Ammar. It’s not in his notes, or in his books or tapes. It’s just something he did after a lecture. And I thought, “that’s good.”

I went up to him after the lecture and said “Thanks very much for coming and I really enjoyed the lecture.” His reply….. “What did you like best???”

And then he listened.

Instant feedback.

You can do this after your shows.

And the replies are often very revealing. What is it people remember?

Are they discussing your new whizz-bang routine or is a simple throw-away “filler”. Your perception of your own show is often very different to how your audience perceives it.

You can do the same thing when people start telling you about a performer they once saw. (And this technique is from one of the Ammar tapes). Listen carefully to what they are saying. What do people remember over the years? What was it about that performer or his performance that made it “stand-out”. That made it memorable? Ammar has his theories on this and you can get his tape to find out what they.


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