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If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now – The Mentalist Edition

knew thenOver 10 years ago I asked a group of prominent magicians the question “If you only knew then what you know now.” I was thrilled with the responses and it became one of the most well read articles ever on www.MagicCoach.com . (Read the original here)

Recently, I decided to do the exercise again and this time fired the question to some of the most respected and busiest mentalists on the planet. What I found interesting was their different approaches to the question, some looking at the big picture, some, the important “little secrets.”

What was also significantly different this time around, was that I knew all of these performers at a much different level. I had met them all previously, had shared meals with several over the years, some had even been to my house here in the Blue Mountains and with two I had spent a memorable night at the baseball. This lead to much fuller or revealing answers than the last time I did the exercise and I really appreciate their insights.

As Jon Stetson remarked “ I hope this helps someone down the road.”

Big thanks to –

Max Maven – Legendary performer, creator & writer
Craig Karges – Thousands of performances around the world on TV and at Colleges, Corporate Events and Performing Arts Centres.
Marc Salem – Star of TV and his own theatre shows around the world
Ken Weber – Veteran College performer & author of the must read book “Maximum Entertainment”
Chris Carter – A legend in the College market and at Corporate events
Jon Stetson – Consumate performer & creator of the unique ” Stetson Experience”

This article is now available as a handy mini ebook.  Download HERE

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