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How To Be a Restaurant Magician


by Mark Byrne     (Guest Post – Extract from MagicCoach100 )

1) Go in for early/late lunch.
2) eat, tip very well 20%-30%
3) talk to waitress/waiter Compliment on their service
4) tell them you would like to tell the manager how good they were.
5) compliment manager on his staff & restaurant ask if they have entertainment.
6) Tell him what you do in 30 seconds or less and offer a free demo now.
7) do not perform for the manager, but ask if you can entertain a nearby table.
8) Introduce your self to the table and tell them you are auditioning to be the house magician, ask if they will help you.
9) Do 3 minutes of killer stuff, thank them profusely and ask them to tell the manager how wonderful you are.
10) walk back to manger and say that is what you do. Tell him how it will increase regulars to be more regular.
11) quote him your regular gig prices, then give him a discount for doing a weekly gig.
12) Compensate if you decide not to accept tips, IMHO I loves tips! Performance pay.

Mark Byrne
AKA Mark the Balloon Guy
“Bad to the Balloon”

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