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Great Tool for your Entertainment Business

longtailI’ve been using this great piece of software for many years now, but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it in the newsletter.

If you are writing a Description of your Show, Updating a Web page, Posting a Video, or doing SEO on your site, you really need to explore the very best words to include.

Long Tail Pro has developed nicely over the years and could really help you pinpoint what words or word combinations really get the high search volumes each month.

For more advanced users who might be exploring Adwords to promote their business, this will take your campaigns to a new level. Not only can you see which search terms get the high volume of traffic, you can cross reference and see which of these are the cheapest to bid on.

And for the Ninjas out there, there are other tools included that let you look at your competitors websites and see why they are generating 10x more traffic than you!

So for way less than the fee you will get for your next show, get better results from your advertising with Long Tail Pro

P.S  There is a free trial and a money back guarantee.

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