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Over the last few months I’ve published several new Audio Courses to the brilliant Listenable online platform.
These cover some of my favourite topics – Creativity, Memory Work, Networking & MC work. There are several more in the pipeline on Marketing & Sales. They are perfect for Magicians and Entertainers.

As an Author on the Platform I am able to offer you a huge discount and you can grab that via the link below. Not only do you get access to my courses but you get access to hundreds of others as well. All for a tiny monthly fee.

They are perfect bite size chunks of info. Most run about an hour and are then divided into 5-10 minute episodes. lessons. Perfect for listening to – at the gym, doing the dishes, walking the dog etc. I’m devouring them.

Check out details. Currently only IOS devices, but I believe Android support is coming very soon.

Full Information on LISTENABLE Click Here.


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