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Free Training Videos – ShowBiz Marketing

Further to the post of yesterday with exciting news that ShowBiz Blue Print is opening again, I had a chance to view the 4 videos that you can access for free via the site. Here’s just some of the information that is discussed!

  • Three ways to Triple the amount of gigs you close
  • How to write and speak to possible clients so they care
  • Why your current pricing formula will probably fail
  • A free tool everyone should have on their website
  • A ninja tool for finding out everything about your clients and prospects.
  • How the first paragraph on your website is probably shutting down opportunities
  • Why some of your Video footage is probably not helping you at all

This information comes from someone at the very top of his game, a genius at marketing, who has done thousands of Corporate shows, hundreds of TV appearances and now coaches and mentors performers around the world. Yes, you do need to provide an email address, but Barry uses the same newsletter service as me, ActiveCampaign, and an unsubscribe link is provided on every email, so you can opt out easily at any time.

If you are not happy with the amount of gigs you’re booking or are excited about taking your act to a new level … check it out HERE

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