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Learn 3 Secrets from the “World’s Greatest Investor” Warren Buffett. (8 Minute Video)  

Further to the post of yesterday with exciting news that ShowBiz Blue Print is opening again, I had a chance to view the 4 videos that you can access for free via the site. Here’s just some of the information that is discussed! Three ways to Triple the amount of gigs you close How to [...]

This fun piece comes straight out of bestselling eBook for mentalists – The Secret NoteBook of Mr Hyde You can add it to any Book or Magazine Test when you want a moment of fun.

We launch a new series of videos – Two Minute Tips – with a quick look at this, my favourite Magic Table.

Thrilled to have this contribution from Lior Manor One of the busiest Trade Show and Corporate workers in the world today shares some ideas and lessons learned.

Grow your Magic Business & open up Possibilities using this Technique!