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April 2017 News Update Full Details on book HERE

Further to the post of yesterday with exciting news that ShowBiz Blue Print is opening again, I had a chance to view the 4 videos that you can access for free via the site. Here’s just some of the information that is discussed! Three ways to Triple the amount of gigs you close How to [...]

UPDATED 2018!!When people ask me how to get more work in the Corporate market –  Trade Shows, Product Launches, Gala Shows etc I always give them the same response. “Listen to Barry Friedman and if at all possible take part in his BluePrint program!” Now there’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news [...]

Pleased to announce that our latest book, MagicCoach 200 – The Very Best of MagicCoach Vol 2 is ready! You can get the full details  HERE. Save Save Save

This fun piece comes straight out of bestselling eBook for mentalists – The Secret NoteBook of Mr Hyde You can add it to any Book or Magazine Test when you want a moment of fun.

Had a few questions over the last weeks about BWC our new eBook that explains a quick bit of Interactive Fun suitable for most performers. How Big is the Prop? What do I need to make it? How hard is it to make? This quick Video answers these questions and more!  You can Buy the [...]

November News Updates 2016 I’m currently bobbing around in the ocean just off the small uninhabited island of Kasolo in the Solomon Islands. Military historians and JFK fans know it as the place JFK swam to, towing his injured crew mates after PT -109 was rammed and sunk by a Japanese Destroyer in 1943. Not [...]