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Be my Valentine   So Valentines Day has come and gone again. I’m not concerned with how many cards you got, but did you take the opportunity to leverage the day into additional work? Or just a moment to strengthen a business relationship? I know it’s too late now to do anything now but there’s [...]

                   A GIVEAWAY THAT MAKES YOU MONEY!!   I spotted this idea in another performers emailed newsletter and asked the writer, BJ Hickman, to elaborate further and if I could share the idea with you. BJ produces a giveaway. But it’s probably the most complex giveaway I’ve [...]

                          Are you a Publicity Hound?                                                             Guest Post by Tom Antion   Does [...]

                      Are you a Publicity Hound?                                                         Guest Post by Tom Antion   Does this sound like you? [...]

                     CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME   Part 2                 Quite a lot of feedback on the tricky “charity show”             dilemma. Here’s two readers comments that add a few ideas to how you can handle [...]

CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME   It’s something that every performer has to deal with. Endless requests to do “charity” or “free shows”. Depending on your profile in the marketplace where you work, these requests may be very frequent. The old saying goes “the only thing you will get from doing free shows, is offers for [...]

                                      CONVENTIONS I guess this time of the year everyone starts getting excited about Conventions. Be they – Magic, Clowning, Juggling, StoryTelling, Circus, whatever. I just spent the morning booking tickets to our big Magic Convention here [...]