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Magic Surveys – The Secret Weapon of Magic Marketing Knowing exactly what your clients & audience wants and expects, is the first step in being able to provide it successfully. All your fancy promotional pieces, teaser postcards, snappy lead generation adverts etc, will not be effective if they are promoting the wrong benefits and features. [...]

Market Overview – Cruise Ships Always somewhere in the daydreams of magicians and other variety performers is the thought that perhaps a life on the ocean blue would solve all their problems. Food and accommodation all paid for, glamorous passengers and fellow staff, sunshine, exotic ports, performances in the glittering showrooms, time to read and [...]

Magic Show Gift Voucher I was reminded of this idea when reading another maillist. I had heard of it before, but asked the writer Jack Disbrow if I could share it with you guys. I’ve added a few other ideas as well. The basic concept is that you market a Gift Voucher to the value [...]

AGENTS   – An Insiders View Part 2 Guest Post by Dick Christian   Perhaps because I consider myself first and foremost a performer, I try to bend over backwards in favor of the performer and do things as an agent that none of the other agencies for which I work have ever done for me. [...]

AGENTS   – An Insiders View by Dick Christian Working with Agents is something all of us do at some stage. Some performers become so busy and so much in demand that they also become Agents. But there are often stories about bad experiences and misconceptions about roles. Dick Christian is not only a very successful [...]

Instant Feedback Honest feedback really is vital to keep our performances on track. If we are trying out new material, or working a new concept, it’s great to have someone sit out in the audience and give you notes. But this is not always possible to arrange. This weeks tip is a very simple strategy. [...]

In Silhouette I was reading during the week an interesting interview with Matt Groening. The creator of course of The Simpsons, which must be argued as one of the most influential series on Television, in terms of popularity and “cult” status. However, Groenings comment about character design really caught my eye. “I think the great, [...]