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Adwords! Love it or hate it?

Adwords Training

Google Adwords are powerful tool for anyone advertising their services, but it’s a topic that really divides magicians.

Which one of these are you?



  • There are some who would never try it.
  • Some who have tried and gave up
  • Some with a little success
  • and a handful of magicians who have really come to grips with what it can do.

And what can it do?

It can provide a constant, on demand, stream of prospects to your website at a low, measurable cost. What more could you want?

Well you might want to know exactly what those people do when they get to your site. You might want to measure the number who contact you for more information, and then work out exactly how many  of these turn into bookings. With that knowledge you are then in control. Increase the flow at quiet times, tone it down at busy times. This can all be done with a good campaign.

Often magicians think that they can drive more traffic to their site with SEO. And yes, you can. But they soon find the huge effort is producing little results for the time they put in. And then Google changes the rules again.

Pay per Click once mastered  is controllable and measurable. And for probably a lot less money than most magicians were paying for their last Yellow Pages display advert.

But it does have a bit of a learning curve and this puts some people off. Or stumps them after a few weeks when they gone through a pile of money that they didn’t actualy need to waste.

I’ve played around with Adwords quite a lot since it first started. After much trial and error I had some success. I bought a few books including by the “gurus” like Perry Marshall. I’ve recently been watching a series of Training Videos by the UK’s Ken Kelly and I must say I’m very impressed. These have been produced for magicians and in particular children’s entertainers, but really they could be applied to any market.

There are 3 Videos you can watch for free right now. Warning, have paper and pen at the ready, there is a heap of content in these first 3 that may well change your mind about using this powerful tool.

I give this 5 Stars and wish it had been around when I was starting out on the party circuit.

So, why sit at home waiting for the phone to ring, when you can turn on a stream of prospects any time you like.

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