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I think this is a very clever promotional item that you can use in many ways. It will get you more shows and will make you more money. All for a tiny investment.

Designed by Ryan Pilling who I have known for years.

It’s a combination GiveAway & several Video’s that you can use in different ways. All fully explained.

If you have read right through our Multiply Your Merchandising eBook, you know the power of a branded piece like this.

Check out the full details by clicking the link below. Read through all the ways you can use this.











We launch a new series of videos – Two Minute Tips – with a quick look at this, my favourite Magic Table.


Had a few questions over the last weeks about BWC our new eBook that explains a quick bit of Interactive Fun suitable for most performers.

  1. How Big is the Prop?
  2. What do I need to make it?
  3. How hard is it to make?

This quick Video answers these questions and more!  You can Buy the eBook here.


November News Updates 2016

I’m currently bobbing around in the ocean just off the small uninhabited island of Kasolo in the Solomon Islands. Military historians and JFK fans know it as the place JFK swam to, towing his injured crew mates after PT -109 was rammed and sunk by a Japanese Destroyer in 1943. Not sure if I’ll get a chance to get off today, there’s quite a swell up, tender service to the main island is very slow and I have my show tech run at 4 pm.

As we discussed last issue, the price of BWC our latest eBook has gone up slightly after the initial opening special. This was to bring it into line with the price at Lybrary.com. (Still a bargain at $8)

A couple of people also asked how difficult is it to make the prop and what materials are required. Seriously, you need some black paper or cardboard, some white paper or cardboard, some glue, scissors and a marker pen. If you have access to a printer you can do a better job but we explain the options there. When I next get a couple of days at home, I’ll make a quick video showing the simple construction. BWC Full Details & Testimonials HERE.


I’ve tried many web hosts over the years – GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator, switching in and out with various online projects. 6 months ago I decided I wanted something a lot faster, far more secure and with much more support.

I asked around and several people suggested SiteGround. I now have ALL my sites there, it’s much faster and the support team even did the transfers. And, here’s the thing, the cost is pretty much the same as any of those listed above.   They say even a few seconds wait on loading speed will kill off many site visitors. If you have a website and are marketing your services online, then you really should check it out.      Full Information Here

Web Hosting



I just sent off a Ten Little Secrets article on Podcasting to Vanish magazine that should be appearing soon. Veteran Podcaster Scott Wells sent me some great information that was too long for the article, so I have just uploaded it to the MagicCoach website now.



Happy to report that we are adding 7 Extra Modules to the Toolkit!

We recently added  –

  • The MC’s Cheat Sheet, 25 Questions that you can ask any Speaker or Presenter
  • My favourite – “Energy Booster” Routine for Dinner Events

Next up and ready

  • “30 Questions you must ask any Client at the Briefing Session.”

This will be followed by –

  • “At the Assignment Checklist,”
  • “After the Assignment Checklist”
  • “Selling Your MC  Services” Tip Sheet.

There are also a couple more planned. If you ordered direct from us, you will be sent a link to each new module as they are published. Once this series is complete we will be adding them to the master document and probably looking at a price increase.   FULL DETAILS


Do you need a Career Coach, Mastermind Group or Accountability Buddy?

Having a personal coach for your magic business is a great investment, but it can seem expensive for some and they are often hard to find. An alternative and cheaper option is the Mastermind group, but these are also sometimes tricky to organise and participate in.

A third option is to get an Accountability Buddy! Skype, Facebook messaging etc has made it easy to catch up with a Buddy on a regular basis and they are becoming more and more popular. A weekly 10 – 15 minutes can do wonders for your magic business, keeping you both focused and excited.

I’ve tried all three of these options over the years and each has taken me to a new level. Remember, these are not a marriage, you are not committed for life. You can set your own time-frames, framework, goals & guidelines.

What should you discus? – Progress on Projects, The One Big Thing for the Week, The Velvet Rope Principle, The 12 Week Year etc. Both parties should keep a journal & notes so they are committing to actions and keeping their partner accountable.

I’ll be writing about this more in coming weeks but if you are interested, do a quick search for Accountability Buddy on Google and you will get heaps of Tips and Guidelines online.

How to find a Buddy? Well if you think it’s a good idea, there’s no point in just sitting around waiting for someone to ask you. Take the initiative. Look at your facebook friends. Perhaps there’s someone in a different city/market area that you already know. I suggest you have a trial period first. Agree on a set period and do it.

If you don’t already have a Coach, Group or Accountability Buddy, that’s your challenge for the week.

For More Information on being or obtaining a Magic Accountability Buddy go to our Info page   HERE

That’s it for the moment.

Timothy Hyde





Note from Timothy Hyde

I was working on an article for VANISH Magazine on Podcasting and contacted Scott Wells from the long-running MagicWord Podcast. Not only did he provide some excellent tips for anyone thinking of producing one, he provided more than I could possible use in my Ten Little Secrets column. So here is the full article. If you don’t already know Scott’s podcast, check it out here –  http://themagicwordpodcast.com/

Guest Post.  Scott Wells – The MagicWord Podcast

They say that writing comedy isn’t pretty. I would add to that axiom that podcasting isn’t sexy. You have to put on a lot of make-up to look good. As a journalism major with a minor in radio and television, I enjoy writing and producing. I thought that recording a podcast would be far easier than writing. I was wrong. To produce one hour of content in a podcast takes dedication, a willingness to work with deadlines, and approximately 6 to 8 hours of additional work. It is not only the time taken to record the podcast but also the time required to arrange time with the other party/parties to record. After the recording is done you must listen to it yet again and edit as necessary for time or extraneous words in order to produce a quality show. Then there is the additional time taken to add royalty-free music along with a lead-in and a tag out at the end to wrap up the podcast. It then takes quite a bit of time to process the recording to make it ready for posting. Then the podcast must be uploaded to your server, which also takes additional time. During this time, I also have to prepare the blog which holds the podcast. That means working with my graphic design department (me) to prepare an original graphic for the banner and the avatar plus add any additional photos and videos to the blog. I must also write a brief description in the blog for people to read and learn more about the subject. In addition, I put the timestamps of the podcast so people can scan through the audio to locate the material that might interest them.

All of this preparation means nothing if no one knows that you have a podcast. That is where marketing comes in. My MBA in business focused on marketing so I understand the importance of letting people know about my product. And with social media today, it is cheaper and easier to notify the masses; however, it still takes time to post in all of the available social apps, forums, blogs and newsletters. So there goes another few hours after the podcast gets posted. Like any other profession, one must love the process or it becomes a job. I really enjoy talking with friends, and I want that enjoyment to come across in my podcasts. I want people to know my Megician friends on a personal level which is why I have the friendly, conversational format rather than a 20 questions type of podcast that asks the same questions. There are other podcasts out there that talk about Magician’s history, how they got into Magic, their favorite Magician, etc. Over the years I have learned to try to keep my podcast to around one hour in order to accommodate those who are listening in their car during drive time to and from work plus those who are doing a one hour work out. It is difficult to do a podcast with any regularity but you can’t be successful without it. Listeners want to have that regularity which is why I always release my Podcasts at the same time each week. When I am recording podcasts at magic conventions, I want them to be available each morning in order to get a freshness to the podcast and for people to feel as if they were there with me.

Although podcasts are free to the listener, there are financial costs to the producer and Podcaster. In order to have a quality podcast that can be heard across multiple platforms and podcast apps such as iTunes and others, you need to have a good server like SquareSpace, WordPress, or other hosting service with monthly charges. Then there is the cost of microphones and hardware like laptops, wires, cables etc. And then you have to have and understand how to use the editing software. All of these things cost the Podcaster. But guess what? There is no money in podcasting. If you think you want to get into the podcast world to make “big money”, you’re better off working at Starbucks. Some podcasts have advertisers, but getting those companies takes more time and effort for little gain. It’s a “chicken or egg” thing. Advertisers want to see your listener numbers before investing. But you have to create content that people want to hear, then generate enough subscribers to attract those advertisers. You can rely on patrons to support you. But from my experience after hundreds of podcasts and tens of thousands of downloads and reaching thousands of listeners around the world every week, I have only had 54 people donate anything since the very beginning. It is not a complaint…just an observation of reality. I’m certain NPR and PBS has similar experiences in their fundraising efforts. After performing magic for over 40 years and working with and knowing some of those who have become some of the top professionals in our business, I have a broad background of people I can call on to chat with on the podcast. There is no vacuum or lack of supply for friends. And for that, I am eternally thankful. But I also receive requests from listeners from time to time who suggest people for subjects they would like to hear on the podcast. For the most part, however, all of the original podcast ideas have been mine.






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