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by Mark Byrne     (Guest Post – Extract from MagicCoach100 )

1) Go in for early/late lunch.
2) eat, tip very well 20%-30%
3) talk to waitress/waiter Compliment on their service
4) tell them you would like to tell the manager how good they were.
5) compliment manager on his staff & restaurant ask if they have entertainment.
6) Tell him what you do in 30 seconds or less and offer a free demo now.
7) do not perform for the manager, but ask if you can entertain a nearby table.
8) Introduce your self to the table and tell them you are auditioning to be the house magician, ask if they will help you.
9) Do 3 minutes of killer stuff, thank them profusely and ask them to tell the manager how wonderful you are.
10) walk back to manger and say that is what you do. Tell him how it will increase regulars to be more regular.
11) quote him your regular gig prices, then give him a discount for doing a weekly gig.
12) Compensate if you decide not to accept tips, IMHO I loves tips! Performance pay.

Mark Byrne
AKA Mark the Balloon Guy
“Bad to the Balloon”    http://www.balloonguy.net


Blogs, Ventriloquism, Children’s Shows

Blogs of Interest!

I had some nice feedback on the last issue asking for some more Blogs or Newsletters that people may not be aware of.

Tom Frank has a new Blog project aiming at a post every day. He writes really well, has a wealth of stories, photos and knowledge and it’s well worth following.

(I actually watched him working a couple of years ago at the Universal CityWalk in LA.)    DETAILS HERE

New Resources

Actually, these are not too new, but I have been getting good reports back on both of them.

Children’s Entertainment – Build Your Magic Show

I’ve met Julian the presenter of this course on a number of occasions and watched him build his Childrens Entertainment business into one of the most popular and busiest in his capital city. (And he has a lot of competition!) I’ve also seen the general public raving about his show on FaceBook. Have a look at this video and you’ll see what I mean! DETAILS

If you like his presenting style you can cut to the chase, this is the Package that he is offering. A great deal from what I hear.   DETAILS

Ventriloquism Resources

I love how Ventriloquism keeps developing and reinventing itself. Many magicians add in some to their shows or develop complete new acts. Tom Crowl has produced two great products that are regarded as the best in the industry. If you are at all interested in this field these are just what you need. Learn from some of the biggest names in the business. Note – You can sample a big chunk of these for free.

Learn Ventriloquism  and  The Ventriloquist Script Writing Course

Coming Up in Vanish Magazine

I’ve just posted a new article to Paul exploring the business of being an MC. You will know some of the ideas if you have visited http://www.ExpertMC.com already but there is a nice reading list included. The next issue should have some insider tips from my friend Raymond Crowe on surviving the Australia’s Got Talent experience.

Your Success Reading List

I doubt that many of you have read this one, but’s it’s well worth checking out on many levels. “Success in Action” by Dan Thurmon. Juggler turned Speaker, it’s full of Motivation, Goal Setting & Personal Development advice and Action steps. However, you can also model HOW he has turned his skill set and knowledge into a new product. You can pick it up at Amazon for peanuts.

Thought For The Week

“Even after you become proficient in what you do, risks never quite go away. But avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”   Helen Keller

MagicCoach Products

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March Magic Marketing

I’m just back from an awesome cruise around the South Pacific – Fiji, Vanuatu, New Zealand. 10 days of reading and writing, listening to good music and over the 10 nights just had to perform on two of them. Home for a few days and then my Corporate work kick in. Up to Hong Kong for a Telecoms event and then Western Australia for two different conferences. The two WA events are 5 days apart so have decided to stay over in the West and do some exploring rather than race backwards and forwards.

This Months Resources

Barry Friedman – ShowBiz Blue Print I believe Barry will be running one of his highly rated short courses quite soon. Ideal if you want to break into the Corporate Entertainment world. Follow the link to an Interview I did with him and watch 3 free Training Videos HERE

I’ve mentioned Kim Roach before. If you use WordPress here is a fantastic BLOG post with a round up of 100 Plugins. There were quite a few new to me and plenty of ideas sparked from the post.

WordPress Training – Nice to see a few subscribers starting to use the Build Your Own Business Website training I mention a few months ago. Huge site with plenty of free and paid resources. DETAILS HERE

Trivia! Quite a few magicians I know offer a Trivia Night as an alternative night for conferences and events. We did it for years and may well write up a booklet on the subject soon. Here is the BEST Source of Great Questions TRIVIA QUESTIONS HERE

Around The Web

Magic Cafe – This was a great thread that some may have overlooked because of the title. Great tip on doing a contra deal in exchange for membership in a networking type association. Could save you hundreds of dollars and be a great showcase. HERE

The Magic State of Mind – Peter Wardell hasn’t posted an interview for a couple of months. I’m hoping a flood of visitors will encourage him to put up some more of his great interviews soon. This series is packed with excellent info. HERE

Buskers Hall of Fame – Stories from the Pitch – goes from strength to strength. You don’t have to be a busker to enjoy and learn from these. I think they have published 3 episodes in the last month. HERE


“Set your course by the stars, not by the light of every passing ship.” — General Omar Bradley

It’s not always this smooth out on the Coral Sea! Photo from last week

All at sea


So, here’s the big question.  We are 6 weeks into the New Year. Is it going to be “just like last year” or are you pushing ahead with your new plans?

I’m really pleased with how my work diary is looking. Some nice corporate assignments all over the country right up till December and now trying to plug in some of the gaps with some more cruise work. I’ve also followed my own advice and deployed the famous Michael Port “Velvet Rope” onto one of my clients who are just proving too hard to work with anymore. Now, this is quite a big step as they gave me about $20,000 last year, but sometimes we have to be firm and follow our belief. So I’m working hard to fill the gap and I’m going to share what I’m doing over the coming months.

This issue  - 5 Easy Actions you can take to start earning more money this year, a couple of new resources AND a new Goal Setting program that is worth a look at.

5 Easy Actions to Boost Your Business – Right Now

1/ Look to your own Magic Circle.

I have a list that I update each year of 100 people I think who could help me out. They are sort of ranked in broad divisions, Top 10, Top 25 & then the rest. Some are colleagues, some are friends, some are even family.  At some point in the first couple of months of the year I make sure I contact each and every one and let them know what I’m up to. What work area I’m focussing on, what markets I would like to break into etc. It’s surprising who will come up with connections to put you into new companies etc.

For my Top 10, I call them directly. For the others I write a letter. While this letter can be a “form letter” in some regards, make sure a significant part of it is written for that person specifically.

2/Get their Card.

I don’t know how many business cards I’ve handed out over the years to people who said they were really interested in using me, but no contact was ever made. Get their card. Make it a habit, create a script to ask for it. And follow up.  Don’t leave it up to them to make the contact.

3/ Build a Prospect List Hotel by Hotel

Now, I don’t mean the infamous Paul Diamond/Joel Bauer “crash a function and start working” technique, but a lot of ideas and prospects can be found by cruising into any fancy hotel you see and start looking around. Check out the What’s On Today board. Firstly you will see the types of companies and organisations that hold functions. Some industries get together a lot, for training, celebrating and socialising. Some don’t. Once you have figured that out, it saves a lot of time and wasted effort in your marketing efforts. Then you will also get a feel for the individual companies that do it. Do they have trade displays with the event, do they have a gala dinner, etc .  You don’t need to talk to anyone at the time, just be confident, do it all the time and you will start building a great target list.

4/ Your Colleagues

This is a bit different to the Magic Circle list, but seriously consider who you will be referring work to this year. I have a small list of people I will refer clients to at the drop of a hat and I expect nothing in return from them by way of commission etc. They also send work to me, so it seems to balance out.  I always contact my 4-5 early in the year, inform them of plans and focus area and wish them well for the coming year. It works for me and it should work for you too.

5/  The 3rd Year Return

It’s always nice to be invited back to the same company or event in a following year. But sometimes YOU need to prompt this along a bit. A terrific technique is to follow up with the Testimonial you received at the previous event.  I’m not aiming to get two years in a row with most of my clients, though it sometimes happens, but to come back in the third. Now, sometimes the person who booked you may have moved on, but target the new person in the same role the old one had. The previous testimonial gives you a great way in and to connect with them. You can also suggest that a/ you have significantly different show and that b/ with staff turnover etc, a significant number of staff would be seeing you for the first time.  LinkedIn can be a great way to track changes in key contacts. And if your old contact has moved on, this is a great “in” into a new company. Once again LinkedIn makes this easy.



I’ve updated the Business Resource List here on the MagicCoach site with a few new tools I’ve been using over the last few months. I’ve changed WebHost onto the significantly faster and easier to use Blue Host and added a couple of extra training resources.     Check it out here.


Friend and supporter of MagicCoach  and fellow enthusiast for the Goal Setting process, Fred Moore has just come out with an interesting new program. Not only does he talk you through the way to set achievable goals in your life and business he’s got a terrific reminder/accountability system built right into it. This is aimed at the general public, not just Magicians, but it’s well worth a look at if you really want to get some goals achieved this year. Comes with Video Training, Worksheets and more

If you have been interested in doing something like the 100 Day Challenge with Gary Ryan Blair but found the price a bit steep, this might be a great alternative.     Click Here for full information!


Coming up in VANISH …  Are you thinking of going into a “Got Talent” TV show. Look out for my next article with insights from a recent Grand Finalist.

As always if you have any comments, please enter them below or on the FaceBook Group


New Years Thoughts

New Years Eve Thoughts   2013/14

Well, that’s it for another year!

I hope yours went as well as you hoped and you are getting a little time for reflection and planning.

Work wise it’s been my busiest travel year yet.  7 short performing cruise contracts took me to – NZ, Japan, South Korea, Tonga, Tahiti, Fiji, New Caledonia & Vanuatu.

The rest of the time … Corporate assignments in Hong Kong (2), Hawaii, Perth(4), Melbourne(4) Gold Coast (2), Hobart (2) and every other state and territory capital of Australia. Most of them were multiday conferences. Even got to do 3 assignments in Sydney, which was 2 more than last year.

Thought for the Week

So, are you mapping out next year?  Here is a great idea to help …..

1/ Instead of making Resolutions that you inevitably fail and then feel guilty about, how about setting a Theme for the coming year?  A one word concept that encapsulates and resonates with you right through the year. These were some suggestions from a recent blog I read on this tool – Mindfulness, Enjoyment, Movement, Nourish.

I’m still debating mine, but possibly  – SIMPLIFY.   Add yours to the thread on our FaceBook Page


Coming Up in Vanish Magazine

Next two issues you should see from me, an article on Productivity and an interview with a “Got Talent” grand finalist who shares his insider insights.

Coming Up in MagicCoach

Two projects are moving along nicely. The one I can tell you about  is the ExpertMC Toolkit. A huge collection of Advice, Articles, Jokes, Scripts & Content for people working in the corporate world as an MC. Perfect for magicians wanting to break into this field. I’m hoping this will be finished in the next week or two ready for a February Launch.

Featured Resource Site    -      BYOBWebsite

Oh, this is good, very good.

My main project for this break is to revamp a couple of websites that are out there and get up to speed again with WordPress & the Thesis Theme. I found a fantastic training resource, hundreds of Videos, forum etc . I’ve been spending an hour on it each day. You should check it out and come join me  …

Check it out Here